CONCERTO AVENTINO, early music, focusing on the operation of 15th-18th century European music, came into being in the year 2009. In the forefront of the ensemble's interest is the presentation of programs and projects that reveal the less-known chapters of European music til 18th Century. Since 2009, the Concerto Aventino has created a series of projects focusing on the key moments of the development of European Baroque and Renaissance: "European connections" (orchestral music by JF Rebel, G. Muffat and JD Zelenka), "Vivaldi revisited" , ... In the ensemble's dramaturgy, more and more attention is focused on pre-baroid music - the programs "Nove e curiose" and "Nell'inconstanza" present the audience with the repertoire of the early Italian baroque and the dawn of instrumental virtuosity. Ansámbl introduced several stage inscenations: the opera intermezzo of G. B. Pergolesi Livietta e Tracollo and the comedy dell'arte Commedia nova Amorosa comedy. The Concerto Aventino does not avoid even less orthodox projects - in the context of Czech-German cooperation, the ensemble presented the project "Explorationen-traditionen", or a combination of old music and a new film. In the last two years, the ensemble has performed at the concert stages of the drama "Sacra et concentus" (Flemish polyphony) and "Fortuna ingrata" (variations on period magdals and moteta). The most recent entries include the introduction of the comlex program from the Codex Specialness, which is based on the original edition of the original manuscript.